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<<It also solves the always-existing controversy between the front-office desire for differentiation and customization and the back-office desire for stability and efficiency. General management can now manage this controversy to find the most-desired direction, based on and supported by the complete, up-to-date and accesible information processed in and generated by the Mid-Office™.

The introduction of the concept of a Mid-Office™ will mean a drastic renovation of how to approach the link between business and IT. It gives a far more holistic approach to organization management and yet delivers a precision instrument to manage any process in the organization in a very detailed way.

By considering back-offices and IT applications as black boxes, it dramatically supports understanding from business people and organization managers of the possibilities and constraints of an organization, with a Mid-Office™ taking away many of these constraints.

The Mid-Office™ product comes with two implicit services: organization architecture consultancy based on a specifically designed innovative architecture framework (the FMB4™ framework ) and the Mid-Office™ implementation service.>>