Products and Services


<<The product that will be developed and marketed is the Mid-Office™ product; this product constitutes a flexible and scalable integrated software and hardware infrastructure which architecture is fully based on the FMB concept .

It is the operationalization of the logical mid-office and therefore it allows organizations to implement the benefits of this FMB concept in an automated way. The product exists of different important components, such as process management, customer relationship management, content management and static database functionality.

The diagram illustrates a simplified set-up of the Mid-Office™ product. Most important component is the process management component, which ‘cuts’ all processes into more modular steps, that can then be called as a service once needed in a certain process, by translating process steps into a set of business rules.

By doing so, the total set of back offices becomes a box of blocks to play with. This means that the Mid-Office™ product not only solves the complexity problem by reducing the number of connections between front-offices and back-offices.>>